How does the weather affect my window cleaning service?

We clean all the glass on both sides.  We wipe down frames with a damp cloth to remove surface dust and dirt. The screens are washed, wiped down and returned properly.

While standard procedure from a window cleaning franchise is to lure appointments with what seems like a lower price, homeowners discover the hard way that window sills, frames, and even the screens are not included.  Shame on Them! 

Our customers call us back Year after Year because we give them Detailed Service with no Surprise Fees.

Our technicians are trained to work carefully and safely on the interior of your home. That means your furnishings, floors and window treatments will be left just the way we found them.

Items that would cost more on a window cleaning service would be:.

  • Solar Screens Due to the nature of solar screen mesh they require more time to clean
  • Hosing down patios, powerwashing and exterior cobweb removal.
  • Mirrors, glass closet doors etc.
  • Hard Water Stains require additional chemicals and time to remove and must be quoted as an additional item
  • We cannot remove years of baked on grime and other marks in window and door tracks
  • We do not remove cement, mortar, paint, adhesive, sap etc. during a standard window cleaning service. THIS IS A POST CONSTRUCTION WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE that we can certainly quote for you.

How much does it cost to have my windows professionally cleaned?

All of our products are home-safe and biodegradable. We do not use any ammonia or alcohol-based solutions that could affect fabrics or flooring. 

Our technicians will wear booties and use drop-cloths while working on the interior of your home.

We appreciate it when a homeowners remove knick-nacks, glasses and other fragile items from around windows.  Our technicians will return furniture to its proper spot if it was moved.

How do I prepare for your arrival?  Do I need to move anything ?

What's not included?  Is there anything else I would have to pay extra for?

What is included in the service?

How often should we clean my windows?

Window Clean Team has been serving desert customers year round since 1984!   A light rain will not affect our technicians or your windows.  Every job we perform has a rain guarantee of 72 hours in case of severe weather.  Our technicians have extensive experience working in the hot weather, although they do appreciate a bottle of water offered by customers.

Here in the desert prices start around $90.  Prices are determined by size of the window, the number of windows and their accessibility.  We provide free written estimates to to all our customers up front before any work is performed so their are no surprises.

While we do accept once a year customers, most of our customers select our twice a year, interior & exterior cleaning or our quarterly exterior only cleanings. 

Are your window cleaning product safe?